Strange chicken taste

2021.10.17 12:48 Kimisaw Strange chicken taste

I know this probably isn't the best subreddit toask, but food doesn't allow text posts.
I was visiting my grandma and we got together for a meal. It was a simple schnitzel with fries. So I dig in and when I try the meat, some parts are like your usual chicken, but some tasted like soap. Like sime sort of aggressive brand. I ate a little of that, but kept to the good part of the meat.
What in the world could be the cause of the taste?
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2021.10.17 12:48 lufc_crazy I'm not sure why I convinced myself that this year would be different

Every year, the patch breaks the nice gameplay we get at the start of the game. Shock horror, it seems to have done it again.
Long range finesses needed a patch, and I'm glad it's happened. But I feel like the patch has nerfed all game styles that aren't sit deep and counter.
I really enjoyed the first few weeks of gameplay because it felt like I could mix and match viable tactics; whether that was possession-based, crossing into target men or sitting deep and countering.
Now, the only way anyone seems to be able to get success is by sitting deep and countering. With the goalkeepers being as strong as they, results can be a bit of a crapshoot.
I don't mind sitting deep and countering being a viable tactic, I think it's good for the game that it's there. But please can we have it so it's not the only viable tactic
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2021.10.17 12:48 TheChipPotato What Yve could've been:

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2021.10.17 12:47 HistAnsweredBot Why is the Cathar heresy so uniquely controversial?

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2021.10.17 12:47 im-awesome-x Who remembers this? When furious came out. Lol

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2021.10.17 12:47 H25azbxwyz Marcus Rashford told to 'prioritize' football by Man Utd manager

(Source: CNN)
Watch the video in our channel:

Marcus Rashford: Manchester United forward told to 'prioritize' football by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Last year, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Rashford led a campaign to end child food poverty and successfully lobbied the British government to continue providing free school meals during the holidays.
He also launched a book club to get disadvantaged children reading more earlier this year.
Solskjaer was not suggesting that the "fantastic things" Rashford has done off the pitch had previously affected his playing career, but the former Manchester United player believes it's time for him to focus more on his footballing career.
"I know that we'll see the best of Marcus in the years to come" Solskjaer said in a press conference. "He's done remarkable things at a young age, but he's now coming into the best age for a footballer.
"He's learning, getting more experienced and he's time to reflect on, you know, what he's done off the pitch as well, because he's done some fantastic things.
"Now maybe prioritize his football and focus on football, because he's got a challenge on his hands here at Manchester United.
"He has a challenge on his hands to play for England, and I think Marcus is one of those who takes up those challenges and is going to do so.
"He's going to express himself and his talent and he knows that we want a lot from him, but we're going to give him the time to get back to what he was and what he can be."
Rashford has yet to make an appearance for Manchester United this season as he recovers from shoulder surgery he underwent in July after England's defeat in the final of Euro 2020 to Italy.
Despite being just 23 years of age, Rashford has made 271 appearances for the club, scoring 88 goals. He's also made 46 England appearances, scoring 12 goals.
Rashford's campaign to tackle child food poverty in the UK led to 1.7 million vulnerable children (...)
Watch the video in our channel:
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2021.10.17 12:47 lazulagon Ah. Philosophical.

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2021.10.17 12:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Savannah Marshall stops Lolita Muzeya to set up unification fight with Claressa Shields | BBC

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2021.10.17 12:47 Pascaleira Transaction error please help

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2021.10.17 12:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [UK] - Bath Abbey celebration service to mark end of £19m restoration | BBC

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2021.10.17 12:47 Random_User240 Trading R Cobra

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2021.10.17 12:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [UK] - David Amess death: MPs must remain accessible, says Priti Patel | BBC

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2021.10.17 12:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - NI MPs contacted by police over security after Sir David Amess killing | BBC

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2021.10.17 12:47 scruffynuts Why does my lettuce look so sad?

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2021.10.17 12:47 SpaceAdmiralJones Istanbul: A City for Cats

An interview with Turkish artist Başak Bugay, an Istanbul native who cares for a group of street cats near her studio and talks about why cats are so beloved and cared for in Turkey:
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2021.10.17 12:47 undefdev We've just released a free Safari extension for iOS to help Chinese learners read Chinese websites

We've recently released Waiyü, our Safari extension for iOS 🎉
We're three developers who are learning Chinese. When learning Chinese, using a popup dictionary to look up words you encounter is extremely useful. Unfortunately there wasn't anything like this on our phones, so we decided to make something :)
It's free, there are no ads and we don't collect personal data through the extension (but we collect anonymous usage data which we will use to improve it). In the future we want to add more features that we will charge for (like features that have high server cost for us), but what you can use now should be available for free later too.
With Waiyü you can:

Here's a direct link to the AppStore
And here's a video of some features in action :)
We also have a discord server, where you can chat with us – we're happy about any feedback or suggestions. We want to make the best immersion learning tool possible :)
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2021.10.17 12:47 griddle1234 Every Fixed Quote Should be Audited.

Two of the main block rules are the following:
"No more than 50 per cent discount on any trades goods."
"All trades must be paid the award rate"
In order to enforce this the show needs to audit the fixed price quotes. Keith's equivalence to himself getting a fixed quote is completely missing the point.
If you are a landscaper the benefit of saying you created a block winning backyard is far more valuable than any loss you would incur to deliver the backyard.
Keith on camera said you can get a company to give you a loss leading quote for any part room of the house. Out of all the possible ways to "Cheat" on the block this feels far more important than anything that's been discussed this season.
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2021.10.17 12:47 DudeItsSam Red Soilders, Me, Digital Painting, 2021

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2021.10.17 12:47 SirRedward Me_irl

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2021.10.17 12:47 vchaz Charge beam in Metroid dread has 3 aim locations?

So maybe I'm just really bad at games, but I'm stuck after getting the charge beam. It looks like I'm supposed to go back and shoot the EMMI.. but when aiming the beam it goes straight ahead, 45 degree angle or 85 degree angle. Is that normal or is my game bugged? Makes hitting that doorway hard, let alone the EMMI. I get the same thing on multiple controllers, and the regular blaster can aim wherever I want.
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2021.10.17 12:47 ASI-F7 A Star Citizen Problem-Solving Guide:

A Star Citizen Problem-Solving Guide:
Just a random server-side announcement that I thought was humorous.
This is a guide I put together to help individuals within the various Orgs/Communities I'm in and manage. Before you reinstall Star Citizen, please try these steps as these tend to correct nearly every issues people experience. I'm still adding to it, but feel free to share any steps that have helped you along the way too.
— • — • — • — • — • — • — • — •
COA1: BASIC PROBLEM SOLVING Are you having issues with Star Citizen, or the Launcher; is your Launch Game button not visible? Try these basic problem-solving steps:
NOTE: This should also be done anytime your GPU drivers are updated, as well as when SC is updated. This can also correct graphical artifacts ("floating squares," and other Shader issues, blown-out/bright assets, terrain/planetary bodies emitting bright light, etc.)
1) Sign out and close the Launcher. 2) Delete USER folder in the SC LIVE folder (Usually found at C:/Program Files/Roberts Space Industries/Star Citizen/LIVE/USER). 3) Open Launcher, sign in. 4) Verify Files via Launcher settings.
— • — • — • — • — • — • — • — •
Did you delete your USER folder and the game is still not launching? Perhaps an infinite loading screen? Or Star Citizen keeps crashing after spawning? Let's assume SC is the issue. Give this a try:
NOTE: This is essentially re-installing SC, without re-installing SC—rarely will it ever require anything beyond this.
1) RESET LAUNCHER: Open the launcher and press SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+R. This will reset the launcher to default state. Then close the launcher. This can fix "Bad Token."
NOTE: In recent builds 3.15(±.01), it no longer shows Bad Token, but when you get a 30k, you'll get an infinite "circle loading" after trying to reenter the 'Verse—to correct this, exit the Client completely, and relaunch.
2) VERIFY LAUNCHER IS CLOSED: Make sure the launcher is fully closed in the task manager. 3) OPEN %DIRECTORIES: Click WIN+R keys and type in %appdata% and click ok. 4) DELETE RSI FILES: Find all the folder(s) called "rsilauncher," "RSI PTU," or StarCitizen and delete them completely (Basically any folder Star Citizen related at the time). This will delete all launcher cache and settings. There may be several folders for SC listed in the 'Local' folder—which can be found "back one folder" in AppData—delete them all. 5) DELETE PLAYELAUNCHER CACHE FILES: After, go into your StarCitizen/LIVE folder and delete the following files: Client.CRT and 6) VERIFY INSTALL DIRECTORY: Open Launcher and Check the Library Folder C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries is the Library Folder (The drive letter might be different that what is here) 7) VERIFY GAME FILES: Run Verify in the Launcher settings.
— • — • — • — • — • — • — • — •
Still not working well? Well, if you've got 16Gbs of RAM and below, try closing applications that aren't needed (check your "Hidden Icons" on your TaskbaTask Manager), and let's check to make sure your 'Temporary Memory Allocation (TMA)' doesn't need to be adjusted:
NOTE: To test this prior to making changes, open any random Folder on your Computer (to have a Window to swap to later), Launch SC and once at the Menus ALT+TAB to get back to Desktop: 1) Right Click the Taskbar and select Task ManageCTRL+ALT+DEL and Select Task Manager 1A) Click: More Details in the Lower Left (if this is the first time you've opened TM) 2) Click: Details (Tab) 3) Scroll down through the list to Star Citizen (or hit the Memory Column Label to organize it by resource usage), right click, and Set Priority to High—NOT REALTIME.
If the performance of the game improves throughout this test, there might be other programs that are running that are robbing SC of the resources it needs to run. As mentioned above, closing unneeded applications/processes during gameplay should help, and if you're bottlenecked against the top-end up your available RAM, modifying your TMA can help.
1) Press the WIN Key and type "SYSTEM PROPERTIES," and press enter to open ABOUT YOUR PC. 2) Scroll to the bottom and select ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS. 3) Under the ADVANCED tab, you'll see a SETTINGS button within PERFORMANCE. Click it. 4) Once the PERFORMANCE OPTIONS window comes up, click the ADVANCED tab, and under VIRTUAL MEMORY, click CHANGE. 5) Select the drive SC is on. (Leave other drives set to SYSTEM MANAGED). 6) Click CUSTOM SIZE and set min as high as you can allow without eating all your available space. I suggest trying 10,000 (10Gbs) min and 30,000 max. 7) Click SET. 8) Click OK to close all windows.
NOTE: Your system may ask to restart. This process has other benefits too, like media/video playback.
— • — • — • — • — • — • — • — •
Lets check to make sure your system isn't limited my HDD/SSD capacity, or getting bogged down by Star Citizen's text log files.
NOTE: If your drive is nearly maxed on capacity, the overall performance of the PC will be greatly inhibited. Try removing unneeded software, and reclaiming space: 1) Right Click C: Drive and select Properties 2) Click: Disk Cleanup 3) Click: Clean Up System Files Here you can remove previous windows update files, system error memory dump files, delivery optimization files, and under More Options, you can delete all but the most recent "System Restore and Shadow Copies."
1) Ensure the game and launcher is closed. 2) Navigate to your Star Citizen LIVE Folder. 3) Enter the folder named "logbackups." 4) Select and delete all files within this folder.
— • — • — • — • — • — • — • — •
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2021.10.17 12:47 banku23 Lauren Alexis Hot Onlyfans 12

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2021.10.17 12:47 smashetiquette new nodon called the overlay folder for a sequel to game builder garage

right now in game builder garage there is anchoring a nodon, duplicating a nodon, and moving a nodon, however there should be a new option called create an overlay folder.
overlay folder nodons have all your nodons in the same place even if theyre nodon types that don't have positions. not only does this enter the same nodon value for each of the nodons used in the game. it also always you to organize them in a way that can take up an infinite amount of space so if you have 20 different sprite animations. the overlay folder will allow you to look at all the different animations you can have at a particular time at that position without having to be physically ontop of that nodon. if the nodon with the overlay folder is invisible it doesn't effect the nodons in the folder. so when theyre visible and the sprite in the overlay folder isn't it can be easily swapped to something else.
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2021.10.17 12:47 Agent666-Omega Question For US Users

Since Oppo isn't available on the US, how are we suppose to be able to get the phone. Also what carriers can we use with it?
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2021.10.17 12:47 snorbii ID please...

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