اگه خوشتون اومد تو کامنتا بگید خوشمون اومد بابا باریکلا🤣

2021.10.17 11:47 FunCombination1193 اگه خوشتون اومد تو کامنتا بگید خوشمون اومد بابا باریکلا🤣

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2021.10.17 11:47 Pepperoonies i cant comment for 9 minutes cause ive been commenting too much

wtf literally 1984😔
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2021.10.17 11:47 Groundbreaking_Net_6 They almost make the connection between worker exploitation and the labor shortage.. almost

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2021.10.17 11:47 popcornFridays Your body, your choice.

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2021.10.17 11:47 NewConstruction3146 [Multi] Some spots from British GT Donnington Park

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2021.10.17 11:47 Nexus-Point My next door neighbour is really loud and obnoxious

So now I know how Canada feels.
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2021.10.17 11:47 Aggressive-Mud-3638 Just got my headlights restored. Worth every penny!

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2021.10.17 11:47 Locksmith-Clean Looks pretty good

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2021.10.17 11:47 Crafterzzlooks KabEna isn't real. She can't hurt you. KabEna:

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2021.10.17 11:47 ThouWilt Latte Art Progress! For anyone who worries they won’t be able to do it, I am proof that research and practice will get you there! (First pic 16/10/21, second pic 20/4/21)

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2021.10.17 11:47 BxlMaBelle Title and Keywoard for Interviews?

I've interviewed a few people for my website, to build credibly etc, but I haven't figured out what the best SEO apprach would be for the title and Keywoard tags.
A few options:

Does anyone know what the best approach for this is?
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2021.10.17 11:47 itsyaboV Warlock Patron - The Web | let me know what you guys think!

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2021.10.17 11:47 Flying_ToastMachine Beyler u/koyunkirpan la ne kadar sohbet edicem ne kadar ilerleyebilirim

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2021.10.17 11:47 pixil318 The almighty

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2021.10.17 11:47 FedorMoiseev Blue

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2021.10.17 11:47 Captainquizzical 3080, i7 8700k - Very high settings. Weird AA texture bug, turned DLSS to quality got worse, turned it off and whole pc rebooted...

What the hell? Anyone faced anything similar? Wasnt present till I got to the tank mission, was having a great time till I wasn't.
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2021.10.17 11:47 altguitarguy regret coming out :/

honestly i feel so stupid for coming out. i came out 2 years ago to my mum, when i was 14. she then tells my sister and dad behind my back without me knowing even though she said she wouldn't tell anyone. then my brother finds my social media and im forced to come out to him. i only came out to my mum in the first place to hopefully transition once i was 15 or 16. here i am almost 17 literally nothing has changed. i got referred to tavistock in march 2020 but i'm never gonna be seen by them and i'm getting referred to an adult clinic soon considering im almost 17.
i told loads of high school friends because, again, i thought i was going to be able to transition at that age (and obviously going on T would drastically change my appearance so i thought i'd tell them in advance). my mum told me she would allow it and then went back on her words. i was in a huge friend group so now loads more people knew. to me, being trans is a pretty personal thing. i dont like telling people unless i have to, but considering i dont pass that ends up being a lot more common than i'd like it to be. i didnt come out to any teachers or anyone apart from my friendgroup in high school thank god. but it still gets under my skin about how many people know. then there was my now ex-bf, his entire family found out and knows.
and thats not even all of it, i have no clue now how many people know im trans. it's likely been spread about to tens of people. i've lost count. i feel like some sort of dirty rumour that people whisper about, rather than an actual human being and its depressing. if i could go back to 14 year old me, i wouldn't have came out to my family and would've stayed closeted in high school and came out to friends in college.
fuck my life man.
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2021.10.17 11:47 EnvironmentalWeb7351 💀 Floki Frunkenstein 🧟 | Tomorrow | 1000 NFT Collection Ready For Minting | Relaunch! First token did 95x

Check out Floki Frunkenstein!
This token did a 95x on launch. From $900 Market Cap to $95,000 in a few hours. Due to the small liquidity, we weren’t able to sustain the growth, so we decided to relaunch! Already have a full marketing plan in place including constant CMS posts, shill bots, big influencer posts, CoinSniper / Coin Hunt and maybe even a tweet from Elon 😉. This is the real moonshot ! Don’t miss out!
💀 What is Floki Frunkenstein? 🧟
The time has finally come. Elon meets Halloween with this spooky token! Floki Frunkenstein is a reward token. It rewards the 2nd hottest token out right now. Floki Frunk Puppy! 3% FFP rewards are given on every normal transaction, so you don’t miss out on the trend.
🧟 Why is it called Frunkenstein? 💀
Never been done before! When the price starts to drop, it’s gonna get SPOOKY! Frunkenstein mode activated. We combine lower buy taxes, higher sell taxes, and an automated buy back to make sure your investment COMES BACK FROM THE DEAD!
It’s a truly innovative project with NFT collection launching by the end of the month. The first edition is already complete before launch and many more will follow in the coming weeks!
Once Floki Frunkenstein is launched, our graphic designer will begin work on the rest of the layers for the NFT collection.
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
👻7% Tax
👻 1% Marketing
👻 1% Rewards
👻 3% Buyback
👻 1% Dev Wallet
👻 1% Liquidity
👻 ½ Off on Buy Tax
👻 2.5 x on Sell Tax
👻 5 Minutes after Frunkenstein wakes up… Buy Back Starts!!!
👻 1% of Buy Back Wallet every minute for 10 minutes!
👻 Tax multipliers last 1 hour after Frunkenstein wakes up
👻 1% Liquidity
📖Contract: 0xf2a9c697f132beda55007c758b6d9d0fcafbf4da
🥞 Buy Now :https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xf2a9c697f132beda55007c758b6d9d0fcafbf4da
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xf2a9c697f132beda55007c758b6d9d0fcafbf4da#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 2 YEAR🔒
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2021.10.17 11:47 TheHighBuddha Beautiful specimens. STB with air EVAP. Why scrap when you can use tweezers.

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2021.10.17 11:47 International_Bag_12 This sub taught me Australia’s Victorian accrediting bodies have different paths for land/construction surveying. What speciality did you choose and why?

I know going to TAFE for assistant jobs let’s people get experience in each, but I honestly find both fields as interesting. I’d probably choose around which I can sustain better whilst raising a family long term.
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2021.10.17 11:47 Throwaway_temp090 Mentally Stuck After Trauma, Asking for Advice to Break Free.

This is the first time I have wrote/typed this as it is very uncomfortable to discuss it. I am here to break my silence and hopefully learn something that can mentally set me free. All responses are accepted. feel free to ask any questions. I may edit this frequently.
This was almost a year ago. I was a marijuana user and senior in highschool. Disliked gang activity simply because it was unsafe. Buying and selling weed in my area was pretty normal within my friend group, but all I did was buy some and smoke it. My area seemed very safe and had very little problems; a nice little family town.
I was made aware of a cash opportunity that would be quick. It seemed like a really good deal (buy high quality bulk pot for very low price).
A few friends of mine were involved in this, all seemingly close friends.
One of them brought this deal up with the rest of us. He encouraged us to go along with it as well as telling us everything would be just fine. This friend was taking pills very often and was involved in buying and selling them. I had no interest in the pills, I was a pot smoker.
'The offer' was too good to be true.
a simple transaction quickly turned into an initiation, without any formal "initiation".
The guy we were to purchase from looked like hammered shit; drug addict, in his 30s with gang tattoos all over him. In my peaceful hometown, he was residing in an apartment complex.
From the very beginning, he seemed off, and I not only made the mistake of going along with it (given I was very hesitant), but i also paid upfront. He claimed he needed the money so he could get it from his source.
Once I gave the money, an entrance to hell was opened.
Spoiler: He never intended to give us the bulk supply. He exploited us instead.
He would have us come over at inconvenient times, to "discuss things".
The discussions would consist of a few main categories:
-Explaining to me personally why I cannot leave, such as telling me i would be considered a security threat and that I would have to change my name and move to another state.
-Reasons why he has not obtained the product yet, usually along the lines of: "the shipping is f*ck*d! Covid f*ck*d the shipping! the goods are coming they are just delayed".
-Scare tactics: This was the worst of all. His entire persona was revolved around scare tactics, some examples of this are: Telling us that we (my friends and I) reminded him of a previous group, where one of the members had his head blown off with a shotgun. Urging us not to leave his apartment; trying to keep us there as long as possible. Taking us in his bedroom or the bathroom where he would close the door and fiddle around with his pistol while taking as much time as he could to explain whatever he was trying to explain (he would go on and on and on, almost as if he was talkin to himself. This would extend for 20-60 extra minutes). The bathroom instance happened only once. He had bullets laid out on the counter (door closed, very small bathroom) and this is where i told him I had college plans and did not want to make the serious cash he was claiming we could make. This is where he told me leaving would be a security threat and I would have to move states. He also made it clear not to tell the police.
The opioid friend was continuing to make pill deals with him on the side, and he was making some cash off of it. I tried numerous times to explain to the friend that my mental health cannot handle any more of this and this was not what we agreed to. He dismissed my concerns entirely and his shadiness grew.
I came up with a plan, I told the friend that I had a document on several devices and accounts that explained everything that was going on and included everyone's names with everyone's roles and that the document would be released upon my death.
The first thing he says is: "Well can you take my name out of it?". I firmly replied, "don't let me get killed and that shouldn't be a problem". He responded with a strange laughter.
Later on, I finally convinced my friend to go over and talk to him alone to end the deal, as I could no longer stomach going over there. I would shake like crazy out of fear.
The friend and his gf (they both bought and sold pills together) went over to the apartment. We were all in "good" terms at this very point because I made sure of it (He was my way in, he would be my way out). After they came out of the apartment, through a phone call they told me they were brought into his room to talk. He then guarded the door with brass knuckles and demanded $700 or else they were not leaving. He claimed it was for travel expenses to drive to get the product manually (I doubted this %95). The gf cashapps him $700 and they were allowed to leave.
I was told that when they said they did not want to be a part of this anymore, he said "Its fine if you guys want to leave, I get it, I know you have families". They described it as him putting strange emphasis on the families part.
I obviously dropped all contact with the friend and his gf once I made sure I it was safe to do so (This was shortly after).
This severely screwed with my head.
I began staying up until sunrise with a firearm (Its my dads, and its not super strong.) for the case where the 38 year old would pay me a visit at me house. There wouldn't be much reason for him to do so, but I had zero trust in that psycho. He is crazy while on drugs. He explained to us he was contemplating murdering his roommates simply because he believed they stole a bag of pills, whilst in reality, he misplaced them and found them later. He said he was going to kill them once we left his apartment. For all I know, he could have been in a drug fueled craze and thought I called the police on him, followed by him murdering my family.
How would he know where I live? In my case it would be easy for him to find out if he wanted to.
Over the past year, whenever I find reason not to worry, I end up returning back to staying up many hours with a nearby firearm, sleep depriving myself.
I've explained my situation to a couple therapists, who in return, looked at me like I had three eyes and dismissed my concerns (I will admit, I am aware that there are better therapists than those I talked to.)
Other than that, I have only told my father. He was surprisingly not angry at me and took the time to explain it was all scare tactics and that he would have no interest in killing my family. While this helped at the time, I still return to my nighttime home-protection phases.
With this assumed responsibility, I am too afraid to get a job as that requires me to not occupy the house. I am currently living off savings with about 2-3 months left (I voluntarily pay rent). I am also too afraid to further my education for this reason as well. While I could do online schooling (I am already self teaching myself the best that I can), my headspace is clogged with these fears. I also have frequent nightmares involving him and my family.
I am deathly afraid to do almost anything. While I have become better at rationalizing my paranoia, getting a job would a decision that agrees to the fact that I will not be protecting my home (I don't trust the daytime very well either). When it comes to accepting the fact I will be involved in murdering my entire family if the drug crazed lunatic has a bad day, that is not something I can accept.
As awful as this all sounds, I still have some hope. I believe there is a future where I can thrive and live my life with all the lessons I've learned through this experience and teach these lessons to others along with my family being safe. However, if someone came to me with this issue (a few years ago), I would have no idea what to tell them.
Reddit, with all due respect, I ask for your help. If you can help my brain rationalize itself out of this mess, I will use all the hell I have experienced as fuel to help make this world a better place.
Other notes:
-This man does not work alone. His tattoos were the first indicators of that. He also would have us meet some of his associates in his apartment who were nearly as scary.
-Police Intervention would stir up a lot of trouble; if he is not going to come to my house, police intervention would give him a reason.
-I knew from the start things were sketchy, but, I still went through with this and indeed made some serious mistakes. I was not strong/wise enough to not make such a foolish decision (regardless of if I felt something was wrong). Since then, I've learned the hard way and these lessons have been seared into my head.
-Prior to this happening, a year long event occurred where I was trapped in an abusive relationship with a girl who manipulated me and exploited me into sexual acts and doing what she asked with the threat of her committing suicide. This relationship ended during the time this new situation was beginning (to note, she was unaware of the new situation). I reference this relationship because I spent every second longing for it to come to an end so I could be free, only for the new situation to occur. My point is, my mental health is not the healthiest... Prior to the girlfriend, I had a ton of drive and energy. That is gone. I am exhausted.
-I have been clean of marijuana for a month and a half.
-Due to the nature of this matter and if you are comfortable, please DM me you're replies/questions. I want to avoid this blowing up as I don't want anyone in association with this situation to become aware of this post. If you do not feel comfortable DMing, commenting to the post directly perfectly fine for now. I will likely remove this post anyway (in time).
Any and all help is greatly and genuinely appreciated. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I wish you all the best in your own endeavors.
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2021.10.17 11:47 Dlhry I’m looking for a loyal sugar baby I can confide in and spoil silly with a weekly allowance of $2,000….DM if interested ❤️❤️❤️

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2021.10.17 11:47 kingloghain I made a meme

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2021.10.17 11:47 inna_winner The only way to calm his thunder phobia.

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2021.10.17 11:47 5avenger Hello, does anyone uses Jio fiber set top box (dth) instead of cable connection or DTH? Would you recommend it to others. Does it allows to install other 3rd party apps for streaming? Thank you!

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