Excuse me WHAT??

2021.10.17 10:31 daibobra Excuse me WHAT??

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2021.10.17 10:31 MeNoHobo Is D&D possible/fun for 2 PCs and 1 DM?

My group is mainly a board game centric group, but we all really want to get into playing d&d together. There is only 3 of us, so I'm not sure that its possible. I've played D&D and pathfinder a few times back in highschool, but I've never dm'd before. I'm more than willing to put in the work reading all of the D&D rules, player handbook, dm handbook and such, but as a first time DM id really prefer using a premade adventure. I read they're meant for 4 PCs, but wasn't sure if I could scale it down to 2 pcs? I just thought id ask the experts here before i went out buying things if 2 PCs worked well and if I could use premade adventures and if so, which ones? My main concerns as someone who has a vauge memory of playing, is how to scale adventures, and if the lack of class variety makes it a real challenge. We'd really rather not have each person control 2 characters, at least to start. Thanks much for any replies!!
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2021.10.17 10:31 skullkrusher133 Cheeky monke

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2021.10.17 10:31 Lilbronx22 ID on them please? Thank you

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2021.10.17 10:31 phong_t36 The Dark Forest of Falkreath

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2021.10.17 10:31 Doc_of_derp is jodie The Senate?

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2021.10.17 10:31 kredde94 Best budget HC hell sorc spec?

Frozen orb atm- seems alright but struggling with cold immunes and kill speed.
I wanna do a ton of mf, i prefer to do Cows, pindle, Andy, Shenk and sometimes meph/Andy
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2021.10.17 10:31 Maximum-Army6365 Feel the force….πŸš€

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2021.10.17 10:31 Immediate_Question99 βš›οΈ MINIEOS_COIN βš›οΈ Stealth Launch βš›οΈ Listed On PancakeSwap βš›οΈ Liquidity locked βš›οΈ


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We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.17 10:31 tje7495 My father just got arrested for possession of a stolen car, 9 lbs of meth and a bunch of weapons. AMA.

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2021.10.17 10:31 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Ashley Gabrielle Duran

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2021.10.17 10:31 GamerHydra7177 Squirrel being cute

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2021.10.17 10:31 EmilyLovs Itunes + Wine On Elementary?

Has anyone been able to get any version of Itunes to run using Wine in ElementaryOS 6?
(I'm trying to find a seamless way to sync music to an old ios device from Linux. If you have another solution let me know.)
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2021.10.17 10:31 PATRiKTMPL My typical trial of playing TF2 Halloween

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2021.10.17 10:31 shelbyj 'We need to embrace our differences, not be fearful of them' | Nikita Parris discusses Black History Month and the importance of education

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2021.10.17 10:31 Wizecracker117 How do I move the crane on the oil rig?

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2021.10.17 10:31 Soggy_Purpose_8552 πŸ”‹ Cryptotem πŸ”‹- Energize your world | Launching Now | Doxxed Team | Dividends in BNB

Cryptotem offer a power bank rental service for electronic devices users.
It is a new generation company that allows investors to collect dividends in real time.
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Website Development Process
Token launch
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Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
Phase 2
Multiple exchange listings
Start development of the APP
Establish legal entity
International marketing campaigns
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Start production
Phase 4
Install the first power bank cabinet in Paris
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Development of the project at the international
πŸ“Contract address: 0x064be3dd3e83c9640a08c2c469b5a4b81dd61104
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Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x064be3dd3e83c9640a08c2c469b5a4b81dd61104#readContract
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2021.10.17 10:31 yoruma Brims not sticking to the bed?

I'm completely lost. I've tried to solve my issue for a day now, with no proper results so far.
My issue is that the prints have a brim for adhesion. It's worked fine on my Red Hood helmet I'm printing so far. I got my printer last month, and printed the first half fine. Then, I installed Alex's firmware, and printed a mount for the display and after that things have gone from bad to worse.
The brims keep peeling off the bed. I've cleaned it with IPA several times, leveled it several times, made sure every single nut, bolt and belt are proper and to my knowledge they are. I had an issue with the bowden tube leaking, fixed it, and then the nozzle leaked, and fixed that too. But still, the brims keep peeling off mid print. They look fine at first, but wait around for a few loops and they start warping, causing a print failure immediately or at worst, after 5 hours.
I'm starting to go insane, and if anyone could help me, that would be great.
The first brim, the smaller one, prints just fine around 95% of the time. The second one, fails after 6-7 mm's of loops.
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2021.10.17 10:31 Frepp_ Senna ADC?

I am a toplane Camille main. (yes cho ult, yes truedamage, yes yes ive heard it all).
Since Camille is quite the meta right now with the high pickrate winrate and everything I am kinda hanging back a little bit, also with toplane being really boring right now. If your champion isnt camille or not broken with gore and steraks than just dont bother playing.
But adc tho. I am not an adc enjoyer but fuck do I love Senna and Jhin. While jhin also has a high pickrate so wont be picking him a lot, Senna adc doesnt. Senna support has a low pickrate atm is well. Is Senna adc any good right now? And would it be worth it to switch to adc after the combined 3 million mastery points on toplane? Both in terms of climbing in ranked aswell as the fun factor, Toplane is still fun just a bit boring. Adc is just Senna for me and holy shit Assassins buying goredrinker does not seem fun to face as adc
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2021.10.17 10:31 deliciaevitae Swap Modefi (ETH)tokens to Modefi (MATIC or FANTOM) tokens

Any idea ?
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2021.10.17 10:31 479205 who is scarier

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2021.10.17 10:31 MuslimBN Saudi removes social distancing stickers in Grand Mosque

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2021.10.17 10:31 Psilocybin-Mushroom "Old man tumbles down a series of stairs after failing to sparta opponent"

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2021.10.17 10:31 ppissu Feeling her own aroma , Jacqueline Fernandez

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2021.10.17 10:31 successful_dumps Post Title

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