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2021.11.29 17:21 Throwawaytoday303 Our Empress

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2021.11.29 17:21 inc0rrected What are some good makeup brands that allow you to make a custom eyeshadow pallet?

I've been looking online and have looked at colourpop and mac sites already and at their collection of eyeshadows, the thing is that I want to customize a pallet for my partner as a xmas gift. A big amount of colourpop eyeshadows are always out of stock, and a mac pallet for 6 shadows and 2 blushes is way too expensive. Is there any good brands that have pigmented and assorted shadow colors?
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2021.11.29 17:21 AwesomeCuno Mission success

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2021.11.29 17:21 king_warrobots Look at my gold lol (this old pic btw but still lol)

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2021.11.29 17:21 Many_Pressure7676 Repost since quality was bad last time. Maybe a quartz or calcite?

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2021.11.29 17:21 3johny3 son is growing like a weed - thoughts on taking his goalie jersey out a little?

hi all
my son is 13 and growing like a weed. We did not think he would need a new chest protector til next year...but he did.
His goalie jersey for his travel team is a little small now, it is tough for him to raise his arms.
is a taylor the best option? the place his team ordered jerseys from is a bit clueless as they are new hockey store in the area
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2021.11.29 17:21 Ok_Profit_4730 WHY? you asked. The reason to buy SHIB

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2021.11.29 17:21 Henleygarcia54 URC and Allterco’s Shelly Brand Partner on Total Control Integration

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2021.11.29 17:21 BSF_Bot NFL Playoff Picture: Patriots in the driver's seat for one key tiebreaker - 98.5 The Sports Hub

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2021.11.29 17:21 chriskourounis LF : magmarizer

Hey guys i really need a magmarizer if someone has one i can give you an electrizer for Trade if you are interested hit my dms up ;)
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2021.11.29 17:21 twistedpear22 Cooper eyes- wet N wild, Half & Half by M.A.C

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2021.11.29 17:21 ghostwithabutt Hi hi hi, anyone wanna play video games? PS4/switch

As the title suggestssss. Just looking for someone to take my mind off things tn and the best way to do that is video gamessssss yeye
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2021.11.29 17:21 ehdhd_Liam Want to try to deep fry pierogis and wanted advice on the best approach to cooking them.

So I want to try and make deep fry pierogis (don’t know if this is a thing or not but who doesn’t enjoy experimenting right?) and for the recipe I was gonna do a breadcrumb coating on the pierogis and than fry them but where I’m having trouble approaching this is how I handle the pierogis. I just bought a bag of frozen ones from the store, so I’m not sure if I should just do the flour, egg, and than bread crumbs while they are still frozen or if I should let them thaw and than do my coating. What do you think Reddit, please let me know. Thanks in advance for the help.
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2021.11.29 17:21 rajavirgo The 2021 RHDiscussion Seasons Rate: The Worst of the Worst

The 2021 RHDiscussion Seasons Rate: The Worst of the Worst And here we are with the bonus round! These are, according to us experts on the franchise, the worst seasons of all time. Let's get into it.
\ashandimlotion - -1 point**
ashandimlotion says: "I’m a pretty major RHONJ apologist but this was just bad. It just feels off and wrong. I love you Teresa and I’m so sorry, I think I’ve made up for it elsewhere ;)"
Processing img 35wqnflr4l281...
\rajavirgo - 3 points, DanaPam - 5 points, heartdeco - -10 points**
rajavirgo says: "Only gets points from me because my arch-nemesis is finally vanquished for good."
heartdeco says: "They finally badgered Lisa Vanderpump off the show and I wasn’t even happy about it. That’s how bad this was."
\ashandimlotion - -3 points**
ashandimlotion says: "Name something that happened this season that wasn’t Legendpika getting that helicopter to Dawn’s event. The producers should’ve released Ester a season early."
Processing img y5zg51ss5l281...
\ashandimlotion - -6 points**
ashandimlotion says: "LVP succkkkksssss this season. Poor Yolanda treated pretty shittily by her castmates/Bravo/husband and I like Yolanda so it left a bad taste in my mouth. The fans were dreadful to her too. I feel like this was the beginning of a real twist in the way fans were about the housewives."
**#10-#7 ATHENS SEASON 1 - -10 POINTS*\*
\solovelysosoft - -10 points**
Yes this was the best picture I could find.
solovelysosoft says: "Over a decade and no subtitles! What the fuck!"
\rajavirgo - -10 points**
rajavirgo says: "Everyone is insufferable this season. Nene is at her absolute worst, Kandi, Eva and Cynthia all do nothing, it's the beginning of Porsha's glowing edit, and Shamari is alright but nothing special. Why the fuuuuck did they fire both Kenya and Sheree, the two best Atlanta Housewives of all time? They're friggin brainless."
Processing img 0xuf0jgd7l281...
\BasilGavin - -10 points**
\rajavirgo - -10 points**
rajavirgo says: "The season that ended the 8 year long hot streak. The cast was just not it. The Tres Amigas were in a Cold War with each other, leading to basically zero real conflict, Lydia was one of the most annoying people to ever exist, Meghan became boring as soon as she had children, and Peggy was a disaster. Kelly was the only one turning in a decent performance but even then she had nothing to work with."
**#6-#3 ATLANTA SEASON 13 - -15 POINTS*\*
\rajavirgo - -15 points**
rajavirgo says: "Not a single redeemable quality. The main cast, even including Kenya, contributes absolutely nothing. Drew is probably the second worst Housewife of all time, and while some may find her pathetic attempts at being shady and trying to read funny, I personally cannot get past the cringeyness of someone being so inept at their job."
\solovelysosoft - -10 points, insuredbycoto - -5 points**
solovelysosoft says: "I'm one of the biggest Dallas boosters there is, but man oh man did this shit just kill the show. I felt like the show's hiatus after Season 5 has more to do with the delayed impact of this season than anything that really happened on Season 5. Swapping Cary for Kary did not work and LeeAnne torched any sort of progress or path forward. The show really came to an end here, so I consider the fifth season to be against god’s plan."
insuredbycoto says: "Dallas followed up two amazing seasons with one of the most disappointing ever. Swapping out Cary for Kary toppled the cast dynamic back into everyone vs. LeeAnne and unfortunately Mrs. Locken decided to clap back with racism. It’s such a shame because in theory this could have been great with a few small tweaks but I remember feeling deflated after each episode aired."
\heartdeco - -10 points, insuredbycoto - -5 points**
heartdeco says: "Oh my God, stop going to therapy and just fire Kathy. That will fix things, surely."
insuredbycoto says: "The worst of the Gorga vs. Giudice era. Aside from the Joe vs. Joe fistfight where Melissa dramatically got on her knees and begged Tre to stop the drama, absolutely nothing worth watching happens this season."
\heartdeco - -10 points, BasilGavin - -5 points**
heartdeco says: "I hope these women go to bed thanking God for Kara Alloway every single night because without her, this thing wasn’t even fit to air."
**#2 NEW YORK SEASON 13 - -45 POINTS*\*
\rajavirgo - -10 points, solovelysosoft - -10 points, BasilGavin - -15 points, insuredbycoto - -10 points**
rajavirgo says: "I feel like I've said enough about RHONY13 at this point. Just not good in any way shape or form."
solovelysosoft says: "It may be recency bias, but I feel a need to include the first truly bad season of RHONY. I'm not even as much of a critic as many others who I've encountered, but the fact of the matter is this season went nowhere and completely lacked the charm and magic of RHONY, and now it feels like we're about to lose at least one person who is extremely important to Bravo."
insuredbycoto says: "I didn’t want to just list the crappy COVID seasons down here because that felt a bit like a cop-out. And yet, several months after the end of this RHONY season I really have to come to terms with how bad it was. I don’t even hate Leah as much as the average viewer but this cast just did not work and very few episodes delivered what I would call a satisfying experience. Bravo needs to stop firing all their legend status housewives at once."
\rajavirgo - -5 points, ashandimlotion - -25 points, BasilGavin - -15 points, heartdeco - -10 points, insuredbycoto - -20 points**
rajavirgo says: "The fact that the image above was used as the most dramatic part of the season trailer tells you everything you need to know about BH8. Dire."
ashandimlotion says: "The only RH season without a great moment? Dorit calling Camille a cunt is top 1 moments of these season, but might not even be top 50 RHOBH moments ever, and BH is the worst franchise."
heartdeco says: "Dude, straight up nothing fucking happens this season. It’s offensive. Everyone but Dorit is terrible."
insuredbycoto says: "The season where Teddi joins being the worst, most boring modern season of housewives just makes sense symbolically. There is no big conflict to carry out through the season so we get a lot of signature BH snoozefest stuff like fighting over improper stemware and punctuality. I could barely finish it."
And that's it! To be honest, not surprising in the slightest lol.
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2021.11.29 17:21 Weary_Mortgage_2551 When a candle burns, what determines which wax melts and stays in the form of wax and which wax burns and goes up in smoke?

My Hanukah candles are kindling my interest.
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2021.11.29 17:21 ya5h5e JuSt PuT iT In ThErE fOoD.

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2021.11.29 17:21 Knighter96AM Looking for climbers in/near Columbia River Gorge

Hey all😊! (M25) Looking for climbing partners. Would love to find regulars in the gorge area and close by , even for meetups or trips to Smith Rock. I climb 5.8/5.9 easily enough, I am newer to climbing though and would love to get more into sport rather than solely TR.
I have a decent sport rack and am attentive on belay. My gf and I climb sometimes but she isn't as into climbing as I am and I would love to climb more as well as improve my ability. 🤙
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2021.11.29 17:21 HeinosBBQ Dark Rum Bacon new coldsmoke project - just finished curing!

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2021.11.29 17:21 Realistic-Dust-5891 Friends Gears keeps stuttering when he plays but everything is up to date.

As the title says every other game he plays on is fine but for some reason gears 5 keeps hitching for him. Like everyone is is lagging and shit and everything I'd up to date he's triple checked everything and his drivers all that are 100% up to date. He has tried the steam version and the Gamepass version and they both experience the same issues. When he queues Quickplay it's mostly fine but for some reason when he runs comp that's when the issues arise. He also has a very good PC so thats not an issue either. Can anyone provide a fix?
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2021.11.29 17:21 KGkyle Pop Smoke - No Point (REMIX) ft. 21 Savage & Tion Wayne

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2021.11.29 17:21 1deadpresidents [FREE] Future x EST Gee Type Beat 2021 - "SCAMMERS"

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2021.11.29 17:21 businessyndicate Question

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2021.11.29 17:21 Cyc68 When even the birds hate you

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2021.11.29 17:21 Beneficial_Brick_906 Any1 have this card

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2021.11.29 17:21 the_mojonaut Easynews + Forte Agent - connection closed by server.

Had this start a couple of months ago, I can log into Easynews from the web interface so my username/password is still ok but not via Agent which has worked fine for years. I'm unable to retrieve new headers or update the newsgroup list. Agent still works fine with email.
I installed nzbget to see if that would be an alternative and despite following the setup directions I get handshake errors when using the 'test connection'. Some further digging found mention of a certificate issue that started with Easynews around September time. nzbget mentions this on their support website and offers a replacement file to get around it - but that doesn't work either and has just confused me further as I thought the issue was with Agent.
Anyone else had this issue and know of a fix?
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