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Health and Care Worker Visa

2021.11.29 17:27 Trxballer Health and Care Worker Visa

My girlfriend, Norwegian, is a 25 year old new graduate physiotherapist who studied in their.
She is applying for HCPC registration but until then decided to apply for band 3 and band 4 therapy assistant roles until then as the process can take 6 months.
She recently got offered a job in a London trust, told them she need a visa and her application, in the interview and when accepting the informal job offer. 13 days later they made a formal job offer and then 5 days after that withdrew the job offer saying the salary (£24,288 was below the qualifying amount for the HCW visa) despite visa’s being offered for other band 3 roles at other trusts.
I have a few questions stemming from this, firstly is the trust correct that £24,288 doesn’t meet the criteria the visa, secondly can they legally do this? I’m sure there’s some get out of jail card stipulation for them but she gave them 3 notices about a visa and they still offered here the job and there was 23 days between initial offer and withdrawal. Lastly, what recommendation would you have for getting her a visa as soon as possible and be able to start her career here? Or is the getting a job and official sponsor the only viable option
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2021.11.29 17:27 Superhero-Motivation [OC] MCU Spider-Man Tips To Increase Your Productivity [07:24]

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2021.11.29 17:27 stormithy Why do Bengals Fans Love the Bills so Much?

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2021.11.29 17:27 oldsoul8789 Marcia Pascal, Half-Cherokee woman. 1880s

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2021.11.29 17:27 trane20 Luffy will most probably need to get a weapon in the future

Like look at all the yonko and top tiers of one piece they all either have a weapon or a broken logia fruit
Even characters like big mom and kaido who's bodies are like walking tanks use weapons
I think luffy will get one in the future as an upgrade or something
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2021.11.29 17:27 itamar3d Should I buy headphones with 150 Ohms that I'll only use with a 3.5mm jack with no adapters or anything? Will the sound be any worse than 32 Ohms headphones through a 3.5mm jack?

What I'm considering buying is the Superlux HD-660 Pro.
Thanks in advance!!
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2021.11.29 17:27 sgdbdjos Une enquête ouverte contre Pierre Ménès pour «agression sexuelle» lors de PSG-Nantes

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2021.11.29 17:27 charlieb0nk Developed by BONKstar Games!

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2021.11.29 17:27 googoodoodoo6200 How are we gonna expose worker exploitation but coincidentally not sexual exploitation??🤔🤔🤔

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2021.11.29 17:27 charlesneimog Where could I find documentation about ' , . etc

Where could I find documentation about this ' ,,,., and others?
Used in this part of code, for example:

`(defun ,(intern (string (compiled-fun-name self)) :om) 
,(car lambda-expression) ;;var ,.(om::string+ ......
What is the name of this things?
Thank you very much!
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2021.11.29 17:27 giberishelf Slow Swimming??? FIX?

Can it even be fixed??? The OG game has this problem when framelimiter is off, and now the definitive edition has the same issue at ALL framerates.
Is it even possible to fix? cos it makes certain missions impossible (triathlon) I heard it was impossible to fix in the OG game. So, this GTA San Andreas is pretty much unplayable with this slow ass swimming, completely breaks the game, also no one is really bringing this up, probs cos most people forgot how the original game plays or something.
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2021.11.29 17:27 tlo_99 4986 4439 2424 cresselia

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2021.11.29 17:27 breNNDo48 Dream Significance: meteor strikes nearby

I (29M) tend not to have remarkable dreams so vivid dreams can startle me when they happen.
Last night I dreamt that a meteor hit the Earth pretty far away from where I live but it caused a fireball so large I could see it. The fireball stopped right by where I lived.
Rocks and debris flew by, I was very scared but nothing hit near me. Eventually it stopped. I was scared another meteor would hit but none did.
There was no electricity, no radio, no communication at all but I was grateful to be alive. I lived in a populated area but because there were no lights or electricity I could see vibrant stars and the Milky Way in the sky. Seeing the beautiful night sky gave me incredible peace of mind.
Then I woke up.
What surprised me when I woke up was how my dream was the opposite of a nightmare.
I was listening to the news prior to impact and the broadcaster stated the chance for a meteor to hit the Earth. I remember something about the fireball being “700 square kilometers” wide.
I didn’t see the meteor itself, just what looked like a nuclear bomb mushroom cloud in the far distance.
I floated in bird’s eye view over the damaged area. I saw fire and wind blow in all directions.
There is a mountain range (Appalachian) to the west of where I live (Massachusetts) and I saw the fire stop on the west side of those mountains. There were still violent gusts and tremors where I lived, with rocks on fire flying overhead in my location for sometime afterward. Although I did not vaporize from the initial impact, I was terrified that a rock would fall from the sky and kill me.
Eventually the rocks stopped crashing around me and the fire disappeared. I felt a relief that the traumatic experience was over. I walked from where I lived about 10 miles to my parent’s house in a nearby town. My family was fine but my father and I were desperately trying to learn of news. There was no radio communication so we had no idea what was going on.
In a bird’s eye view I saw that most of the country (US) between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian mountains was completely destroyed but where I live (Northeastern US) was largely spared.
There was no electricity or lighting but my and my parents’ homes were safe and I felt relief that my parents and I were safe.
My dream ended when I was staring up at the perfectly clear night sky and noticing the stars and Milky Way vividly, more so than I’ve ever seen before. This was one of the most important details of the dream. I thought to myself: ‘if I can see these beautiful stars because there is no electricity, maybe this isn’t all bad.’ I realized the world might end up being a better place because of this tragedy.
I tend to have vivid dreams whenever I have some major change in my life. Major life event: I am 29, male married to a man, and I realized my sexual orientation isn’t what I always thought it was. In the past few weeks I’ve grown to accept this change. My husband did not appear in my dream and neither did anything regarding my sexual identity.
What I am seeking for is insight into what the dream might mean. I can clarify if needed. I would appreciate comments from people who know more about dreams than I do. Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.29 17:27 Citizen160823 Does soy-eggwhites contain phytoestrogens?

Just noticed the mayo i'm eating contains soy-eggwhites.
I didn't know there was numerous types of soy... Can anyone tell me if this type of soy contains any pythoestrogens because normal Soy does contain it.
Also what's the difference between soy and soy-eggwhites??
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2021.11.29 17:27 Bobobiscuits My take on Jinx from Arcane!

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2021.11.29 17:27 plantytheplanet Dream stan logic

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2021.11.29 17:27 oSilenceD Evolving skies ETB from gamestop only had 7 packs. Sad day.

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2021.11.29 17:27 Altacutta Re-playable Switch games where you beat your high score?

Looking to find a game with lots of replay value that is primarily centred around beating your high score. Doesn't need to be purely arcade style, but just something I can keep coming back to again and again when I feel like it to try and do better.
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2021.11.29 17:27 ShortAlgo $ASRT Waiting for Short signal on ASRT with https://t.co/WBARPaK0Cc https://t.co/D8SJthNKTA

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2021.11.29 17:27 dreambringer1 Rumer Willis

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2021.11.29 17:27 darger1_2_3 Nia and Dromarch getting ready for the winter season! | Daily Xenoblade Chronicles 2「11」|

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2021.11.29 17:27 MyDog812 e

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2021.11.29 17:27 No_Vacation_6472 Jackpot!

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2021.11.29 17:27 weird_but_neat One of the saddest songs I ever heard. By WeirdButNeat

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2021.11.29 17:27 capt_n3m0 AVIC-6000NEX Mic not working

Let me start this out by saying I know nothing about car audio so here I am. I purchased a car a few months ago and the previous owner had installed a Pioneer AVIC-6000NEX. After playing around with the radio I realized that the microphone was not working with CarPlay but does work with BT. I had another Pioneer car deck laying around and installed that, CarPlay works just fine with the mic.
Some of the troubleshooting I've done includes, testing the harness, all connectors and updating the firmware for both the deck and the BT. I've tried reaching out to Pioneer about it to no avail.

Any help or tricks would be appreciated!
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