Show HN: Security Camera Lens Calculator

2021.11.29 18:24 PatientModBot Show HN: Security Camera Lens Calculator

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2021.11.29 18:24 Affectionate_Bit_722 [WP] The Gods of the world are having a party. But you, a mortal, is trying to sneak away after accidentally wandering(somehow) into the party. Problem is, they think you're a new God and aren't letting you leave until they know which pantheon you're from.

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2021.11.29 18:24 bobgunn78 Interpreting tongues

Has anyone ever exercised the gift of interpreting tongues? What was it like? Do you hear the words, or just know it, or what?
(Obviously I don’t have this gift.)
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2021.11.29 18:24 brilliant22 Here's another Yapms Final Exam - Part 2 (last one for the year)

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2021.11.29 18:24 Henryhonkler Display installed VC wads in USB Loader Gx?

Is it possible to also list those wad channels I've installed to the wii internal and ad card memory in USB Loader Gx? It would be awesome to have everything in one stop and it isn't clear I can (or can't) do this.
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2021.11.29 18:24 psychoticinsane Looking for group to do a eye of the storm expedition

Im looking for a group to do an eye of the storm expedition. I have completed a few CT15 expeditions but i am unable to solo anything over 10, my build is very squishy and i am no good at a proper build. I can however mostly keep up with my damage output. I can start it if needed, i just know i cant solo and didnt want to waste the 40k DPR knowing i was guaranteed to fail
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2021.11.29 18:24 -pleaseandthankyou A castle on the back of a giant sea turtle, made out of legos

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2021.11.29 18:24 3nby-dino Me and my friend just did cayo (Elite and hard) in 7mins 32secs 😩

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2021.11.29 18:24 timothylipton God damnit Wambsgans

All that high hopes we had from Tom Wamsgams, and he really did buy a ticket to prison. The irony being, solitude in prison might have been better than marriage with Shiv.
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2021.11.29 18:24 ClawRic "BG_LoadWeaponDef: Could not find default weapon" Error. I found no solutions online. Any idea?

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2021.11.29 18:24 BitObjective851 What if God died?

Like would everything just stop? Without anyone to guide Niko, no eyes on the other side, nothing. Also what if God or a physical representation of you died inside the world? Would you just not be able to say or do anything since you don't exist anymore?
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2021.11.29 18:24 Regular-Eggplant-213 Is there anyway to get the Aetheryte earring still?

A member of my FC is wearing the Memphina’s earring but has the Aerheryte one glamoured over it. It looks so much better! She said it came out with Shadowbringers and never stopped using it but that was so long ago. Is there anyway else to get it in game or purchase in a cash shop?
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2021.11.29 18:24 Anflash RGB Fan Hun for Aura Sync

I currently have 6 fans in my computer right now, and I'm installing a motherboard that has Asus Aura Sync with it. I'm just looking for a way to connect all of them into my computer and utilize the Aura Sync function. I've looked at some fan hubs, but most of them seem to only work for changing speeds, and no the RGB. Thank you very much.
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2021.11.29 18:24 smellyorangecat 1 Upvote = 1 AMP Token to St. Jude Children's Hospital! Come do your part!

In 24 hours I will match the amount of upvotes in AMP, donating to St. Jude Children's Hospital.
The donation will be processed through The Giving Block. A platform that allows charities to accept donations in cryptocurrency.
Please share this with as many people as possible so we can maximize the donation!
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2021.11.29 18:24 Vinyl_Investor Dune 4K is back up at BestBuy, fam

I thought I'd missed this when it said coming soon after preorder days ago. It's back and I'm here for yall.
Won't let me repost the link so:
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2021.11.29 18:24 Meatspinislife Why are people hating on Battlefield 2042?

I haven’t bought it yet but I’m scared cause people are saying it’s unfinished and buggy like the GTA trilogy, but is it really that bad? What are the main issues with it?
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2021.11.29 18:24 portalrbn Bahia registra 157 novos casos de Covid-19 e mais 13 óbitos pela doença

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2021.11.29 18:24 Sprinkles-Little Is this pot ok for a jarrarium?

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2021.11.29 18:24 vinniesp "Need" a life size dog statue

I'm moving to Barrie early next year to what I hope will be our forever home (I just hate moving). I've seen a few of those statues before and was wondering if anyone here knows someone who could make one. It would stay outside, so the material should be weatherproof. The statue itself, an English Bulldog. It doesn't need to be "perfect", but a close resemblance. About a year ago, I lost mine to cancer. He was my best buddy in the world and I miss him dearly. We always wanted to have a nice backyard for him and now we will, but unfortunately he won't be there with us so I would like to pay him the homage.
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2021.11.29 18:24 Westj22 Painting conundrum

Hey guys I'll try and keep this short and sweet so I don't waste anyone's precious hobby time
So I used to paint on a little desk set up I had in my garage, it was a good little space, the light was good and it just felt generally comfortable. For background info I live in the valleys of North Wales in the UK so as you can imagine it's getting cold as hell here now so painting in the garage is out, I've started painting in the house.
My issue is when I thinned my paints in the garage the dollops I put down would always stay wet enough to get an a whole two thin coats of any paint on a model sometimes two models depending how big the bit I was painting, now I'm in the house it barely lasts one thin coat before it drys out. Maybe I'm an idiot but is it the heat? It's a pain in the ass not even managing one solid coat on a model before moving to the next thing, any suggestions on how I can make these paints last a bit longer before they dry out? It feels super wasteful trying to paint at the moment
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2021.11.29 18:24 Opposite-Shirt7432 When they say to put the candles in from right to left…

… do they physically mean which candle you put in or that you are starting with the candles on the right side of the menorah.
To elaborate in case it doesn’t make sense. Tonight, do I literally need to put in the right most candle and then the one to the left of it or do I just need to put them on the right side?
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2021.11.29 18:24 Present-Call-3781 PetFektToken returned for big pumps and is your opportunity to be part of the community! Launch in Now 🚀

PetFektToken returned for big pumps and is your opportunity to be part of the community! Launch in Now 🚀 PetFektToken returned for big pumps and is your opportunity to be part of the community! Launch in Now 🚀

PetFektToken offers investors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to profit from the l ecosystem. Taxes make it easier to distribute to holders in a proportional manner, which may be claimed for free.

The maximum wallet size is 2% of total supply, thanks to an innovative anti-whale feature.


Our Token has been built into the Binance Smart Chain Network by deflationary BEP20 token. Like every other fund


1- get 5k members
2- get done with marketing
3- shill everyday And more!

PetFektToken is a hyper deflationary token, that collects 8% of each transaction and then, after any sale happens,
the contract will automatically buy tokens and burn them, this system causes there to be more BNB in the pool and fewer tokens,
which it will do that the price increases


Total supply





✅ Ownership Renounced :

🥞 PancakeSwap (V2):

📈 Chart (Bogged):
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2021.11.29 18:24 Abraxas_ISO Anyone with more talent than I willing to create the HeckRat from r/Justrolledintotheshop as a vinyl?

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2021.11.29 18:24 goodprogrammero Looking for app ideas!

Hey guys I'm looking for app ideas to work on to improve my dev skills. Maybe you want it, maybe you saw it somewhere, maybe it is something you are missing or maybe you you just like the way it sounds. This is because I believe all great ideas come from the most simple inspirations. Thanks guys!
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2021.11.29 18:24 miragechaser Korean Rumors(?): T1's Roster for 2022

I don’t know how accurate these rumors are, so please take everything with a grain of salt. These may be half true or not even close to the truth, but 한상용 (I believe he used to be a coach for Griffin, and makes LCK related content now) released this Youtube video regarding T1’s 2022 roster:
The reason I say rumors is because I can’t find any information other than this one Youtube video talking about this information, even though he seems to say this information is confirmed. He appears to be using a Discord conversation from Joe Marsh as his source. (I have no clue how he knows this is the real Joe Marsh)
Player Roster: (0 new added players, Asper is being called up from T1 Challengers. Joe Marsh has also denied TheShy acquisition rumors through this Twitter and liked tweets supporting Zeus)

Coach roster:
군 kind of means type/group. So because Moment and Bengi are 1군 coaches, I think he means that they will be the assistant coaches under Polt. Roach apparently is an 2군 coach, which means he’s a level below Moment and Bengi. Because Hajin, the player development coach left this year, I predict he may fill that role.
Another piece of information he mentions in this video is that they have until 12/21 to confirm their roster with Riot, because they have a Riot even on 12/22. So this may not be confirmed until then, and there may still be changes made (if these rumors are supposedly true). He also said there's an event where Keria, Oner, and Zeus are going to be meeting aespa (the K-pop girl group).
TLDR; There are no new player acquisitions, Zeus will be filling the top lane role with Canna gone. Asper will be joining the main roster from the T1 Challengers team as a player-coach (he plays support). Coaches will be Polt (Main coach), Moment, Bengi, and Roach.
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