2022.01.27 14:12 kappamodsarefags7 ah

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2022.01.27 14:12 AgentM06 Freezes snails is my good luck charm

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2022.01.27 14:12 MethoxyEthane Ontario still hasn’t shown how it would spend child-care funding: federal minister

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2022.01.27 14:12 Empty_Flamingo_4678 Ortex updated 12:11 PM

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2022.01.27 14:12 dima_chan Mappa Mare or Eye of Percepetion

Hello everyone! I ask for help. As the title reads I need to decide between these two weapons to build on Yanfei. On paper EoP seems very good but almost everyone suggests to build on her Mappa Mare as a f2p weapon. What weapon is it better for her? Thanks in advance
(I have Wanderer set on her)
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2022.01.27 14:12 KevAcos11 Nice, I love these type of totes lol

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2022.01.27 14:12 detessari I don't understand other NDs

I struggle to socialize with NTs. BUT I seem to be worst when it comes to socializing with other NDs (especially other autistic ppl).
I think this is bc I have curated my social skills to deal specifically with the standard norms so when NDs go inevitably "off script" I'm lost. Then I shut down and it's awkward for everybody.
Just wondering if anyone else relates.
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2022.01.27 14:12 throwaway12048105 small lump on leg concerns me

It's a lump that's hard to the touch, it's around the size of an airsoft pellet and has a slightly grayer tone than the rest of my skin. I'm 15 years old if it helps
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2022.01.27 14:12 zemra-2 verkaufe verschiedene dropboxen von t33ns bei interesse gern anschreiben! 🙌🏼🔥

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2022.01.27 14:12 Bloody_Disgusting ‘Berlin Nobody’: Kiernan Shipka (“Sabrina”) and Eric Bana Join Ridley Scott’s Cult

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2022.01.27 14:12 grayth55 Feeling defeated

Sorry for the way I typed this up, but I'm on mobile and I'm completely stressed out while typing this up.
I feel like my wife and I are failing our teenage foster daughter, but at the same time, we feel like we have no other options. This has all started out about four months ago when my wife got a call saying that one of her former students, a 15-year-old girl, is in a shelter and needed somewhere to stay. At this time, we were finishing up our adoption process for our two kids, who are three and four that we had fostered for a year and a half. We decided we should bring her in since we have plenty of room and my wife knew her personally. It hurt me to know that she was having to live in a shelter. It started off great; she told us her dreams and ambitions, everything she wants to accomplish in high school, and so much more. We set our household rules and they were basically just go to school and pass your classes. We got her a phone so we could contact her and she could get a hold of us if need be. This is where it all went down hill pretty fast. She wanted to use snapchat but her case worker had told her not to because of the tracking ability in the app. We live in the same town her family lives, so it could become an issue. She breaks that rule multiple times and my wife catches her because is sending out pictures that a 15 yr old girl shouldn't be sending to other boys. At this same time we find out she is vaping in our house and at school. We have a big talk with her on why she shouldn't be doing this, and it doesn't need to happen at our house but we can't stop her at school. Around this point in time she had got a job and we figured it could give her some responsibility and some extra spending money. She made it a week and a half before she got fired for stealing money from the register. I'll kinda speed it up since alot happens, but we get letters saying she is skipping class and late to almost every single one so when my wife asks about it it triggers her to tell us she is going to kill her self. So now we do everything our case worker tells us to do ans we get her a real therapist and several other things. This leads to a good week then it goes down hill again. On a Saturday morning my wife goes to check on her at 930 am since she still hasn't came out of her room to find her window open and her gone. Turns out she snuck out to hang out with this boy from 230 am to when she came back at 10 am. Last week she ran away because we had asked her to put some dishes away that were in the sink into the dishwasher. She normally rides a bus from the highschool to the junior high to were my wife works. Yesterday she doesn't show up to my wife's school and the high school can not locate her. About 530 my wife gets a call from a random number and it's her saying she missed the bus and has been trying to call. We find out that she actually didn't miss the bus but left with that boy that she snuck out with and came back to the school.
During all of this we find out nothing has been true that she ever told us. She has a friend we always let come over and we would let her go to her house. We found out that when she was going over there, the parents were leaving and she has been sleeping with several different guys. She is also telling people at the school that we don't feed her or do anything for her.
My wife and I and just stressed to the max and we have noticed our little ones are starting to have behavior issues. We usually bring them to our neighbors house when she is yelling and going off about something.its almost a daily thing now. I haven't actually had a real night's sleep in several weeks and it's wearing me down quickly. We have put in to have her removed, I know this is not what we wanted at all but apparently we can't give her the true help that she needs. We haven't told her yet because we fear for what she would do but our case worker and her case worker doesn't really seem to understand that we can't trust her on what she would try to do to herself or any harm that she could do to our little ones.
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2022.01.27 14:12 clarte NO JAPANESE ZEN, THANK YOU!

As a newcomer to these parts and these teachings i've decided to share things that have been useful to me in my study, take it or leave it, its all the same.
Excuse the clickbait title, but it is Blyth's original title for this essay.
When we study the Chinese masters we do not study "Chinese Zen" or "eastern" Zen.
Despite the names, the robes and the bamboo it is not about anywhere or anyone.
From Joshu

A monk asked, "Without pointing to a dharma, what is your dharma?"
The master said, "I don't expound the dharma of the Taoists."
The monk said, "You don't expound the dharma of the taoists, but what is your dharma?"
The master said, "I told you, I don't expound the dharma of the taoists."
The monk said, "That's it, isn't it?"
The master said, "I've never used that to instruct people."

This is the essay from Blyth
The other day I asked a roshi what he would do for the rest of the day (it was about three in the afternoon) if he knew he was going to die that night. Before he had time to answer I suggested he might listen to Bach’s music; or look at a collection of masterpieces of Occidental and Oriental paintings; or go next door and hold the baby while the mother went to the cinema. He answered that he would do zazen. On my suggesting that he might do something for humanity before he left it behind in all its confusion and misery, he said that his doing zazen would be of inestimable value to the whole world, far more than any acts of virtue could be. In support of this idea he gabbled off something from Dogen which I could not understand, but which I felt to be an argumentum ad baculum. This notion I had not heard before in Zen, though the Juzunembutsu, and the Protestant idea of the efficacy of prayer, and Roman Catholic prayers for the dead were of course familiar to me.
One other example, before I come to my thesis. I asked the roshi, as I have asked several others, what was going to happen to him when he died. To make the answer easy for him, I told him how I had put the same question to a woman roshi in Kyoto. She answered that she wasn’t going anywhere, and when I said I would go with her, she was very pleased, partly perhaps because she was a spinster of eighty who had obviously never yet been anywhere with a man. The roshi, the man, I mean, agreed with this, and I supposed that he meant what I did, that death is the end of all existence of a personal kind, in other words, “There is no knowledge nor wisdom in the grave, whither thou goest,” but he then began to talk about transmigration, and how he would come back and go on doing zazen as before. Also, that Dogen and so on still existed in some way or other, so we make offerings to their spirits and ask for their assistance when in any kind of difficulty, spiritual or physical.
There are two points I want to make: first, that Zen must have nothing oriental or occidental, Buddhist or Christian, masculine or feminine about it; second, that only satori, that is, deep experience, is true.
To begin with the second point, the mistake we all make is to confuse what we know with what we don’t know. We know, for example, that the sun rose today, but we don’t know it will rise tomorrow. In England thirty years ago, famous cricketers used to be asked their opinion about the existence of the Deity, the idea being that a man who could hit eight fours and three sixes in one innings must also have theological, not to say mystical intuitions. This kind of mistake, which everyone makes, is also made by Zen-enlightened people. They do not distinguish what they know by enlightenment, and what they (think they) know by education, custom, personal prejudice and so on.
Enlightenment does not reveal to us anything which happened in the past or which will happen in the future. Enlightenment is being caught up in this moment which is both in time and beyond time. In being beyond time it partakes of the past and the future, and with regard to events of the past and future we can, or should be able to, make better guesses, think more clearly about them, but that is all. Zen speaks only of this moment. Indeed, Zen is this moment speaking. Thus, if we are asked what will happen to us after death, Zen does not answer, let us be more courageous, and say that Zen cannot answer, just as God cannot tell a lie. Zen theory distinguishes between dai-ichi-gi, and dai-ni-gi, between the absolute and relative, and we may speak from either. For example, absolutely speaking, men and women are the same, and their enlightenment is the same; but relatively speaking, they are different, and their enlightenment is different. But Zen means speaking from both at the same time, and we must speak from both at same time all the time. Thus Zen cannot assert either the mortality or the immortality, the existence or the non-existence of the soul. Buddhism may do so, for it is a religion; Christianity may do so, it is a religion; Zen cannot so do, because it is religion itself, which deals with the infinite in this finite place, eternity at this moment of time, and cannot make general or abstract statements about any world to come or not to come. What answer shall we give then to the question, “Is there an after-life?” Thoreau’s is the most concise: “One world at a time !”
To come to the second point, there is nothing American (Christian) about this answer, and when a Japanese roshi replies, he should reply in the same unjapanese way. Above all, we do not want the casuistry and sophistry of the double answer, that from the absolute point of view we are unborn and undying, as far as our real self is concerned; and from the relative viewpoint we are blessed or cursed with a succession of rebirths and redeaths. If I am asked the question (and I never am), I will say that, upon dispassionate inspection, the life of man looks like that of the plants, that grow, reach maturity, decay, and disintegrate into their various elements. This is doubtless the law for the so-called spiritual world, which actually is not separate from or even correlated with the material world, but is a mere aspect of it, just as the material world is a mere aspect of the spiritual. This answer, however, is not the kind of answer I give when asked about Bach’s Art of Fugue, or Basho’s Furu-ike-ya, or Shakespeare’s “Never, never, never, never, never.” It is only an opinion, and per se no better than anybody else’s.
Japanese people must read King Lear with all the depth and tragic integrity and poetry they can summon up. English people are to read Oku no Hosomichi with all the sublime simplicity and purity and religiousness they can muster. In the same way, Japanese Zen is to be the experience of Japanese people of their humanity, that is, the sound of water, the taste of tea, the bending of branches, the look of food on a plate, the realisation that all’s right with this terrible world. There is no superstition or dogma or provincialism, no wishful thinking, nothing that stinks of India or China or Japan here. The Zen which is the essence of Christianity must in the same way leave behind the Virgin Birth, the divinity of Christ, the existence or non-existence of God. These things may and should all be kept as symbols, not of ineffable mysteries, but of our own virginity, our own divinity, our own existence, and our own non-existence.
Zen is the poetry of life, and all poetry is the same, all poetry is different. The joy at the sameness, the joy at the difference, this is ZEN. And beyond this there is doubtless another Zen, but the printer can’t print it, yet.
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2022.01.27 14:12 hearty_technology The Akkadian Prophecies and the Book of Daniel?

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2022.01.27 14:12 WeirdCatGuyWithAnR Was told this boy may fit into this sub but I’m not sure; he does have the belly upgrade though

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2022.01.27 14:12 almister888 Anyone else feel taken advantage of by EVGA (and likely all manufacturers now)

I signed up to be notified when I could purchase a EVGA FTW3 3070 or 3070ti. After nearly a year I got my notification! I rush on to be greeted by the fact I cannot login. Turns out my account had to be fixed so I could even log in which took many hours of waiting for customer service to get back to me. Basically reset password would not send me an email and my username and password was not working (I might have forgotten my password but I doubt it).
Okay so I finally got to the buy page to be slapped by a price tag of $1136.41 Canadian Dollars for a EVGA FTW3 3070ti after shipping. Like what? I get there are shortages but are these not scalper prices? Fine whatever I have been waiting on this since release practically and have found no other options. So I buy it.
Three days later I get hit with import charges into Canada. Which totaled another $136.28.
I likely can't even return it to get all my money back now that they imported it. I am unhappy that I went through with this and have major buyers remorse. This is more than I get paid this month.
I honestly thought EVGA had a Canadian site and that's where I was buying my card. So the import charges were an extremely unhappy surprise on an already expensive purchase. Given the buy window of 20 hours I rushed a major purchase when I normally would not have.
TLDR: I paid $1272.69 for a EVGA 3070ti FTW3. I likely can't even return it to get my money back now that they imported it. I am unhappy that I went through with this and have major buyers remorse. This is more than I get paid this month.
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2022.01.27 14:12 Bloody_Disgusting “Dead Day” Comic Books Getting a Peacock TV Series from ‘Scream’ Writer Kevin Williamson

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2022.01.27 14:12 Woodworker2020 Figured I’d share the Haworthia I care for as a TA, use to call them desert watermelon before learning the true name.

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2022.01.27 14:12 Limmyestmoi Post step 1 mistakes made

Guys, I took the exam just before pass fail and I made at least 15 silly mistakes and 21 mistakes overall only based on the questions I can remember. I am riddled with anxiety atm and just want to know how many mistakes people counted after their exam and the score they ended up with. The anxiety is just getting too much and I need any reassurances. Thanks in advance
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2022.01.27 14:12 NUMAGOOG Anonymous short trading rules

When are we going to put a stop to these special rules for institutional short trading ? It’s 2022 and it’s like playing monopoly but your friend is always the banker and somehow always wins , need transparency and same rules for everyone.
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2022.01.27 14:12 Far-Calligrapher-465 Should I stay in year 6 for a while (and grind) or proceed to year 7?

I've reached chapter 46, it took me 6 months to finish year 6. Now I'm wondering if I should stay here a while or not.
My stats are all at 42, i have all the creatures, I'm in season 3 chapter 5 with quidditch. I only have one side quest going, the one with the hodag. Friendships are all at 10 exept the twins, Diego, Beatrice, Alanza, Cedric and Leviosa kid.
The reason I'm asking is that I've realised I'm not yet able to progress with 2 friendships because of attributes being too low, and I know from this sub that year 7 is going to be worse. So on one hand I think I should stay in year 6 and maybe work on maxing friendships while grinding, but on the other i don't want to get bored since I don't have many side quests open etc.
What's your suggestion?
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2022.01.27 14:12 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Trucker convoy arrives in Greater Toronto Area on it's way to Canada's capital | LIVE ¦ Global News on Youtube

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2022.01.27 14:12 Anirudh-Sinha guy im a vlogger based in singapore and would mean alot if u guys could watch (and possibly sub?)

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2022.01.27 14:12 DivineScientist looking at the moon > sex

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2022.01.27 14:12 Mr_Prismatic PSA: New Operator React Credit Skins were added. All Ops. [No Album]

Alibi & Vigil lookin hella cute together now.
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